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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sanobella Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner

Sanobella Protecting Shampoo

It comes in a clear 236ml (8 fl oz) bottle
It protect you hair if coloured or treated
It protects against UV light
It protects against oxidation

Sanobella Protecting Shampoo contains essential oils of Orange and Lime (full information and shampoo ingredients)

Is a Professional Salon Formula of gentle cleansers, essential oils, and other botanical extracts which provides antioxidant protection against UV damage - reducing photo degradation of colour in treated hair.

Visual & Smell Inspection

1. Citrus almost good enough to eat
2. Very viscus only need a small amount on even long hair
3. Glitter glow to the liquid
4. Creamy lemon colour


A small amount needs to be massaged into wet hair which because it is so thick takes a while, but it feels so good and creates lots of thick foam and does a good job of cleaning your hair and also makes the skin on your head feel as though it can suddenly breath.

Rinse off Sanobella shampoo and place a small amount of Sanobella conditioner on your hand and work it from the roots to the tip of your hair all over and then leave on for just a minute to penetrate the hair shaft, then rinse thoroughly. Style your hair as normal.

Sanobella Smoothing Conditioner

It comes in a clear 236ml (8 fl oz) bottle

It seals against water damage for stronger shinier hair
Sanobella conditioner contains essential oils of Lavender and Peppermint (full information and conditioner ingredients)

Is a professional salon formula of conditioning emollients, essential oils, botanical extracts and natural proteins which seal the hair cuticle against damage caused by water penetration to the hair shaft reducing combing force and blow dry time and and increasing hair luminosity and shine.

Nanotechnology smooths hair and provides anti-static effect that keeps hair shafts aligned during styling for a smooth, finished look.
Visual & Smell Inspection
1. smells of lavender and peppermint
2. white and creamy in colour
3. very thick when squeezed with a shine

Usage1. Only require small amount of hand
2. Massage gently from roots to tips of hair
3. Leave for one minute
4. rinse off
5. Style as normal
Final Results found:
1. It didn't take as long to dry my long hair
2. My hair felt very light but with volume
3. I noticed my hair shined under the light
4. My hair is more manageable and very soft to brush through
5. No more fly away hair which was noticed by my previous hair care products.
6. I also noticed their was no hair loss while washing and conditioning my hair with Sanobella which I have always noticed with previous products, this is another big plus I would give this product.

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