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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pain & inflammation

Muscle and joint pain if not treated can become quite debilitating as I have found out for myself.  I have found essential oils invaluable on a daily basis just to keep me going.  A drop or two onto the area giving you pain before bed and then applied again in the morning has been found to bring relief from pain and if necessary a drop during the day if needed.

I've been unfortunate to suffer from all these complaints the Plantar fasciitis had to be the absolute worst, not even being able to put my foot to the floor without being in extreme pain.  But I had to keep going I had a job to go to which I hadn't been in very long as I had already been on a long leave of absence to look after my partner who had Renal Cell Carcinoma with bone mets who sadly later died, so I had to grin and bare it for now and find something that was going to help not only with the pain but help fix the tissue damage.

I used doTERRA's Deep blue rub, Deep blue oil, Lemongrass & Wintergreen oil help fight the inflammation, the soarness and stiffness.  It wasn't an instant cure but by doing this and laying off with the fitness training, In doing this daily it made the discomfort more manageable. I was also fitted out with some special insoles for my shoes which were like walking on mushrooms but helped.  It took nearly 4 months to heal completely and by the time the hospital decided to send me for a CT scan my foot was fully healed!  All they could recommend at the time was anti-inflammatories and rest.

I work out daily because I also suffer from Polio and need to keep the my muscles in good working order so I always keep my doTERRA Deep blue rub and essential oils to hand aftwards as a reward for tired muscles.

Benefits relief from:

Plantar fasciitis



Back pain

Frozen Shoulder

Sporting injuries etc

More information available via my website:

Deep Blue Rub
Deep Blue Rub comes in several options

Wintergreen Oil
Wintergreen Essential oil

  Deep Blue Roll on
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Deep Blue Oil
Deep Blue Essential Oil to give added soothing relief

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